Graduate Admissions and Funding Opportunities

For admission to the master of science program, candidates should have a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, a grade point average of at least 3.00/4.00 and a combined GRE score of at least 300.

Graduates of other engineering disciplines or closely related mathematics and science disciplines are encouraged to apply for admission to the mechanical engineering graduate program. Some prerequisite mechanical engineering undergraduate course work may be required. For additional information, see Appendix A in the ME Graduate Handbook.

Candidates for admission to the doctoral program should have a master of science in mechanical engineering or closely allied field. Early admission to the doctoral program is available for outstanding candidates with bachelor’s degrees in mechanical engineering. For direct admission to the doctoral program, an applicant must have an undergraduate grade point average of at least 3.3/4.0 as computed by The University of Alabama and a combined GRE score of at least 300. Current master’s students with a 3.5/4.00 on nine or more graduate credit hours may apply for early admission to the doctoral program with the recommendation of his or her major professor.

University of Alabama students with appropriate academic qualifications are eligible for early admission into the graduate program via the Accelerated Master’s Program. Additional information on this program, which allows undergraduate students to double-count graduate classes as undergraduate electives, is available on the UA Graduate School web site.


There are no formal deadlines for graduate applications. Applications are generally reviewed as they are received. However, international students should consider the time required to obtain any necessary travel documents. Only after the student has been accepted and the University has provided the appropriate paperwork can the applicant then apply with their country of origin for these travel documents.

Some countries take between two and six months, depending on the country of origin, to provide the appropriate travel documents. Students must complete this process and arrive on campus prior to the first day of classes. All of these steps should be considered by international student when planning to apply.


The Department of Mechanical Engineering offers financial assistance to outstanding applicants in the form of teaching and research assistantships. A half-time teaching or research assistantship provides a competitive stipend and a full-tuition scholarship for the academic year. Note that acceptance and funding decisions are separate. As a result, letters of acceptance will generally not include an award of funding.

The Department awards teaching assistantships, orGTA, on the basis of expected teaching ability. Students interested in a GTA are encouraged to contact the department directly.

An individual faculty member, who has sponsored research funds at the professor’s disposal, awards research assistantships, or GRA. A GRA appointment is made on the basis of mutual interests between student and professor.

Students are encouraged to contact faculty members in their area of research interest to inquire about possible research opportunities.

Only students who maintain an acceptable performance level are eligible for assistantships.

For additional graduate program information, contact Dr. Steve Shepard.