The department has active research programs in the areas of Dynamic Systems & Control (DSC), ThermoFluids Science (TFS), and Materials Processing & Manufacturing (MPM).



Welcome to the graduate program in Mechanical Engineering (ME) at The University of Alabama. Advanced engineering study is intellectually stimulating and will prove to be a great asset in a career. The department has active research programs in Dynamic Systems & Control (DSC), ThermoFluids Science (TFS), and Materials Processing & Manufacturing (MPM) which, in addition to the general core graduate courses, provide the foundation for earning a Master of Science (MSME) or Doctoral (PhD) degree in Mechanical Engineering.

The MSME and PhD degrees in Mechanical Engineering are offered through the conventional on-campus program (MA) as well as via distance (DL). Applicants and current students are encouraged to refer to the UA Graduate School for official information related to curriculum and admissions.

Mechanical Engineering, MS

Graduates complete 24 graduate course hours and a thesis or 30 graduate course hours and a comprehensive exam.

Mechanical Engineering, Ph.D.

The doctorate requires 42 credit hours of coursework past the bachelor’s degree, a qualifying exam, a proposal, and a dissertation.

Graduate Application Deadlines

Domestic & International
No Deadlines for Graduate Admissions
International applicants should consider the time required to obtain travel documents from country of origin when applying.

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Graduate Admissions & Funding Opportunities

Applicants to the MSME program are expected to have completed a BS Degree in Mechanical Engineering (or related field) with a GPA of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. Applicants from other fields are welcome, though additional undergraduate coursework may be required prior to entry. Specific admission requirements to the program can be found on the Graduate School’s web site.

Applicants to the PhD program are expected to have completed an MS Degree in Mechanical Engineering (or related field) with a GPA of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. Applicants with only a BSME degree and a 3.3 GPA are also considered for direct admission to the program and may obtain an en route MSME when they satisfy the MSME non-thesis degree requirements. Applicants from other fields are welcome to apply for regular admission, though additional undergraduate coursework may be required prior to entry. Specific admission requirements to the program can be found on the Graduate School’s web site.


University of Alabama ME undergraduate students with strong qualifications may enter these graduate degree programs early through UA’s Accelerated Master’s Program. These students may also double-count up to 9 hours of graduate credit for the BSME elective courses. Please refer to the AMP website for additional information.

While applications are processed on a rolling basis, international applicants are encouraged to apply early so that the required travel paperwork can be obtained from the country of origin. This paperwork must be obtained in order to travel to campus prior to classes starting. The process for obtaining this travel paperwork can often take two to six months to complete, depending on the country of origin. Applicants seeking consideration for funding should also apply early.


Funding and financial assistance is available to qualified applicants. This support is generally in the form of an assistantship or fellowship. Those interested in pursuing funding are encouraged to visit the degree specific pages (MSME or PhD) for additional information on funding opportunities as well as the process for securing funding, which is a process that is separate from admissions. Applicants are advised to contact faculty with matching research interests for inquiries about financial assistance. Applicants contacting the graduate program director or department head to inquire about funding will be referred to the appropriate page linked above.


For additional information about Mechanical Engineering graduate programs, please contact Dr. Kalyan Srinivasan, the departmental graduate program director.

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About Us

Over 1,500 undergraduates and over 160 graduate students were enrolled in Mechanical Engineering at The University of Alabama in the Fall 2021 term. Currently, there are 31 Mechanical Engineering faculty members. Faculty teach graduate-level courses and conduct research in thrust areas that include, but are not limited to: automotive systems, robotics and human systems, automation and mechatronic systems, energy and building efficiency, internal combustion engines, manufacturing systems, additive manufacturing, and materials processing and modeling.

ME Faculty/Staff

Find contact and research information for all faculty and staff of the ME Department.


UA’s Department of Mechanical Engineering conducts research projects worth several million dollars annually.

Research Areas

UA’s Department of Mechanical Engineering Faculty is grouped into three interconnected but distinct disciplinary groups; Dynamic Systems & Control (DSC), Materials Processing & Manufacturing (MPM), and ThermoFluids Science (TFS).

Seminar Series

The Mechanical Engineering Seminar Series is an important component of our graduate program. This seminar provides a means for graduate students to present their research in a student-centered environment. Furthermore, outside speakers are recruited for this series in order to expose students and faculty to research being conducted at other organizations. Information on the seminars for the current semester can be found below.

Speaker Invitation for SPRING 2023 ME Seminar Series

Date Speaker Title
01/17/2023 Dr. Nader Jalili and Dr. SteveShepard
(University of Alabama)
Research Ethics and ME Research Overview
01/24/2023 Dr. Kam Leang (University of Utah) Smart Electronic Nose in Flight
01/31/2023 Dr. Yongho Sohn (University of Central Florida) Alloy Design and Development for Laser Powder Bed Fusion Additive Manufacturing
02/16/2023 Dr. Sen Liu (Stanford University) AI-Powered Laser Additive Manufacturing and Energy Materials Design
02/20/2023 Dr. Ziyu Wang (Princeton University) Towards Carbon Neutral Energy Future: Next Generation Fuelsand Novel High Pressure Combustion Technology
02/21/2023 Dr. Sadie Beck (The University of West Alabama) Process-Structure-Property-Performance Relationships of Precipitate and Strain-Hardened Aluminum Alloys Processed via Additive Friction Stir Deposition
02/23/2023 Dr.Kumar Shanmugam (University of Glasgow, UK) Multifunctional and Multiscale Materials Enabled by Additive Manufacturing and Nanoengineering
02/27/2023 Dr. Gowtham Mohan (University of New Mexico, Albuquerque) Solar Energy Technology Lab
03/03/2023 Dr. Qiang Zhang (University of North Carolina) Biological signals-driven neuromuscular system modelingand advanced nonlinear control/adaptive optimal control for wearable robotic assistive devices
03/06/2023 Dr. Rajavasanth Rajasegar A Highlight of Recent Efforts in Low Greenhouse Gas Combustion Research at Sandia
03/09/2023 Dr. Fariborz Tavangarian (Penn State Harrisburg) Achieving Resilience in Brittle Materials Through Bio-inspired Nested Cylindrical Structures
04/18/2023 Dr. Jean-CharlesStinville (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign) A Statistical View of Deformation Events in Metallic Material
04/28/2023 Dr. Masoud Agah (Virginia Tech) My Journey Through the Semiconductor and Chip World
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