The Accelerated Master’s Program is designed specifically for outstanding students to help complete the requirements for both the bachelor’s degree and a graduate degree in less time and at a reduced cost. In the case of the Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering (MSME), it is possible to achieve both degrees in less than five years by utilizing advanced placement credit. Furthermore, certain scholarships can be utilized to reduce or even eliminate the cost for the graduate degree.

AMP is intended for very capable and highly-motivated undergraduate students who wish to pursue graduate study in the department. AMP is available to students interested in the MSME program or the PhD program via direct admission. Students accepted into the program will receive dual credit for up to nine hours of 500-level courses. These hours will be applied to both the bachelor’s degree (BSME) electives and to the graduate degree (MSME or PhD).

GPA and credit-hour requirements for admission into AMP are described on the AMP web page. If you are interested in the ME AMP Program and have questions about how to apply through the graduate school online application, please contact the ME Graduate Program Director.